ArcPy for Data Management and Geoprocessing with ArcGIS Pro

This course is currently being ported over from another platform and will be available shortly. We expect this course to be up and running by June 30th 2024. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a large discount on this course in the meantime. Use the code CANTWAIT4ARCPY to receive a hefty discount. You will have lifetime access and this course is packed with essential content.

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Want to stand out from the crowd? A little code goes a long way! Gaining an understanding of ArcPy and how to apply automation with regards to geospatial data management, data manipulation, and analysis via Geoprocessing tools will aid with standing out from the crowd and get you noticed. ArcPy is in high-demand, so up-skill today and put yourself in this high-demand category.

By the end of this course... you will be fully armed with the fundamentals of ArcPy for data management, manipulation, creation, analysis, and to perform repetitive workflows. You will have a deep understanding of capabilities of ArcPy and some knowledges of the nuances that can be encountered and how several tools can be used to achieve the same or similar output.

The ideal student for this course would have some basic knowledge of Python and is somewhat familiar with ArcGIS Pro. No knowledge of ArcPy is necessary, after all, that is what this course is for.


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Glen Bambrick is a passionate GIS Consultant and the founder of Final Draft Mapping. With a firm belief in the importance of fundamental GIS and Data Management, Glen envisions a future where innovation and automation propel geospatial workflows to new heights of efficiency. Drawing upon an impressive 16 years of diverse industry experience, Glen has honed his expertise in the world of GIS, data management, and automation. 

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