Mastering ArcGIS Online WebMap Interactions with the ArcGIS API for Python (April 2024)

A deep dive into interacting with ArcGIS Online webmaps with the ArcGIS API for Python.

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8 Hours

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€477 €164

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Beginner - Intermediate

Course Description

The Mastering ArcGIS Online WebMap Interactions with the ArcGIS API for Python course is a deep dive into programmatically creating, manipulating, and updating WebMap content in ArcGIS Online. We will se come cool tricks such as reordering layers, creating bookmarks, and enabling search. We will dissect WebMaps for all that they are and by the end of this course you will be comfortable with manipulating the JSON, which is the behind the scenes configuration of a WebMap, to produce scripts for workflows where there is currently no API Python method , such as grouping layers.

Geospatial Professionals, GIS Analysts, and enthusiasts will discover the power of automation and script-based operations to efficiently interact and update WebMaps in ArcGIS Online. Throughout this course, you will gain practical, hands-on experience in leveraging the ArcGIS API for Python to perform a wide range of WebMap tasks with ease.

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Glen Bambrick is a passionate GIS Consultant and the founder of Final Draft Mapping. With a firm belief in the importance of fundamental GIS and Data Management, Glen envisions a future where innovation and automation propel geospatial workflows to new heights of efficiency. Drawing upon an impressive 16 years of diverse industry experience, Glen has honed his expertise in the world of GIS, data management, and automation. 

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